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Dubai Islands Residential tower

Contemporary sea side building, with G+P+8 Floors arrangement, with total 84 apartments, that ranges from Studios, One bedrooms and Two bedrooms units.



Project information:

Size: 200,000 SQFT

Location: Dubai Islands – Dubai

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Dubai Islands Residential tower

The Dubai Islands Residential Tower is a modern architectural marvel situated along the stunning coastline of Dubai. This contemporary seaside building boasts a distinctive design and an enviable location, making it a prime choice for those seeking luxury living with a spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf. The tower’s unique design and strategic positioning are in line with the city’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation.
With a structure that comprises a Ground floor, Plus eight additional floors, the Dubai Islands Residential Tower offers a total of 84 exclusive apartments. This arrangement is carefully designed to maximize both space and the incredible sea views, ensuring that every resident can relish the captivating beauty of the ocean. The tower’s layout and aesthetic reflect a commitment to both form and function, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.
The 84 apartments available in the Dubai Islands Residential Tower come in various configurations, catering to a diverse range of preferences. The units include studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, ensuring that potential residents can choose the perfect space to suit their individual needs. Each apartment within the tower is thoughtfully designed, featuring contemporary interiors, high-quality materials, and an emphasis on comfort and style. With this diverse array of living options, the tower offers a place of residence for both singles and families, all while embracing the stunning seascape that characterizes Dubai’s coastal lifestyle. The Dubai Islands Residential Tower stands as a testament to Dubai’s commitment to innovation and luxury, offering a perfect blend of modern living and scenic beauty.

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